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Exploring Bing

When searching for something on the web, the majority of people automatically go to Google. We even use it as a verb when we “Google” something. Nevertheless, a lesser-used yet powerful search engine is Microsoft’s Bing. While Bing may be often overlooked, it actually has a lot to offer surfers of the Web.

Taking Another Look at Bing

When you search on Bing, you will get more information regarding your search results than you’ll get from Google. Bing’s results feature a left-hand navigation panel filled with Quick Tabs that enable users to focus their searches. Additionally there is a center row of search results which are grouped into logical categories. This makes it simpler for users to find multimedia files or quick answers.

Bing Goes Beyond Search Results

When you search in Bing, you get more then just search results. Bing pulls up images, and videos that are associated with your search. While Google has this function, Bing makes the navigation a little more user friendly. Another helpful feature is what they call Farecast Technology. This is part of the Bing Travel site and it allows users to locate the cheapest airfare easily.

Bing Video Search Shines

Bing stands apart from Google with regards to searching for videos as well. Bing allows users to specify how long they would like videos to be, what resolution they want, and what screen size they would prefer. Moreover, to get a preview of the video, users only have to hover their cursor over the video to play a part of it without clicking on it.

These are a few reasons why Bing shouldn’t be overlooked. Google might be the current king of search engines, but Bing has a lot to deliver surfers of the Web.

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