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Make Your Computing Life Easier: Two Tricks

Let’s be honest: Computer users today need all the help they can get, whatever makes their lives easier. You have to appreciate that. This is exactly why we’re happy to point you to a pair of helpful hacks that can remove at least some stress from your busy days.

Forcing Android to check for system updates

The operating systems on your devices get updates frequently. But you often have to wait for them to hit your devices. This can be a bummer as you are watching for a feature or fix you have read about, or possibly there is an exciting new service that is coming with your next update. You could just patiently await it, but there is a way that you can force you Android device to check for an update. The website Ghack explains how: Go to the “Settings” menu. Click “Apps” and select “Show All.” Then find the “Google Services Framework” and click on the “Clear Data” option. Finally, click the “Force Stop” button. If there is an update available, your device will retrieve it.

Protecting your eyes

Computer screens are bad for your eyes and over time they can do permanent damage if you stare at them daily. This is where these tricks from the Atlantic can come in handy. The easiest of which is to make sure your computer screen is clean, and the brightest thing around. One other good habit to get into is to take “20-20-20” breaks. Focus your eyes on a spot 20 feet in front of you for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. And lastly, don’t sit too close. If you can high-five your computer screen, you’re too close.


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