Think every bad technology idea disappears, that the marketplace kills off the saddest social media sites conceivable? Think again. An intriguing story by ComputerWorld’s Mike Elgan recently featured a number of the absolute worst technology ideas that defy taste and common sense. But yet …  they are still alive and kicking. Why? Maybe U.S. consumers aren’t as clever as we’d like to believe.

Social Media for Your Bathroom

How else, though, to explain the continuing life of iPoo?  As the ComputerWorld story says, this is a social network that is exactly what you think it is. It’s intended for people who are going to the bathroom and still don’t want to detach from their virtual friends. People shouldn’t talk on their cell phones when they’re sitting on the toilet. They shouldn’t post messages to their online friends about what they just had for dinner, either.

Tacos Through the Air

We all like fast-food tacos. But going to get those tacos? That’s not as much fun. TacoCopter wants to solve this challenge by delivering tacos in California’s Silicon Valley with helicopter drones. Yes, drones won’t just be for eliminating terrorists if TacoCopter gets its way. This service, of course, isn’t yet ready to go. And the likelihood is good that it will never achieve this milestone. But the company does boast a live website.

A Stranger Is Only a Friend You Haven’t Met?

Are you searching for more friends on Facebook? If so, you can use a new service called Airtime. It mines your Facebook profile and collects strangers that share similar interests to you. Then you’re able to click “next” should you not like the stranger that they send you. This service may be a little creepy, though; such is the arena of online stranger.


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