You are a busy person; you actually are always working on multiple projects and trying to hit deadlines.  It’s tough enough to find the time to fit a visit to the gym in, let alone play games on your smartphone. You need smartphone apps that will conserve time, not waste it, but you don’t have time to search for them. Well, you are in luck; below is a list of 5 smartphone apps that will actually simplify your life.

Top 5 Business Apps

  1. WhosHere: If a deadline is rapidly approaching and you are in need of a freelancer, WhosHere enables you to find freelancers for hire in your area quickly. You can send out a search, and text or call any of the experts that reply.
  2. Locale: It’s awkward if your phone goes off in the middle of a crucial meeting. But with everything else you have to do to get ready for a meeting it’s difficult to remember to put it on silent. This app lets you set specific modes for your phone determined by your location. So your phone will automatically go to silent when you enter your office, or the theater, even.
  3. WaveSecure: One of the risks of traveling often is the probability of loosing your phone. This app allows you to lock your phone and backup the data stored on it remotely, as well as track its location through the SIM card. Talk about reassurance.
  4. Bump: Bump is a fantastic little app. It permits you to exchange contact information with fellow professionals simply by tapping that person’s phone with yours.
  5. Scan2PDF Mobile: Need to scan receipts for your expense report, or proposals for your boss to review? This app lets you do that with your smartphone’s camera, change them into color PDFs, then e-mail them to your computer’s desktop.
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