These are hazardous times. Nature is unleashing droughts and record-setting high temperatures. It seems like a new tornado is ripping through the Midwest every day. And those are just the big emergencies. Suppose you lock yourself out of your car when your toddler’s stuck inside? Happily, there’s a whole class of apps that will help you deal with emergencies big and small. Here is a closer look at three of these apps that might be able to bail you out in case of an emergency.


This app has existed for a while and is quite popular. It is a locator app that gives you the ability to find anything from a gas station to a hospital in your area. You can see how this could prove useful, if say, you are in a strange town and your kid unexpectedly gets hurt. You can simply open AroundMe and select the hospital category to find the closest hospital to you.

CPR & Choking

The name of this app says everything: CPR & Choking provides you with tips and full-fledged lessons on how to cope with a person who is choking or who is not breathing. It can be particularly handy if you have never taken CPR classes or have forgotten what you’ve learned. This app, which is free, was created by the University of Washington and King County EMS to save lives. It contains a variety of videos that tell you what to do if a person you know is in the middle of a medical emergency or cardiac event.

Emergency Radio Free

Emergency Radio Free is an app that gives you access to live emergency radio feeds across the country. You can easily tune it in to only ones in your neighborhood so if there is a fire, tornado, or an armed criminal in your area you will be the first to know.

These apps cannot shield you completely but they are good to have in your toolbox to help safeguard you should a crisis strike.