In general, smartphones have made our lives less complicated. They can help us navigate to a restaurant and they keep us connected to our social media accounts and mail. If they are so helpful, how come so many people get agitated with smartphone users? Probably because there are some frustrating habits they develop. If you are guilty of any of the habits shown below, you may be accidentally annoying those around you.

Texting and driving

The most troublesome smartphone habit isn’t just annoying: It can also be deadly. Far too many people text and drive at the same time, even though doing so is unlawful in most states. If you’re guilty of this sin, look at this fact: Texting and driving often brings about fatal accidents. You may not only hurt yourself; you might kill somebody else. So, if you can’t resist your cell phone while driving, do the smart thing and shut it off. Then you won’t be inclined to make a potentially deadly mistake.

Paying more attention to your phone than your friends

Have you ever witnessed people eating dinner together but they are both on their smartphones? This practice is very annoying for individuals. When you make plans with your friends and family, the purpose is to spend time with them, right? How do you do that if you are checking your email the whole time or texting? Remember how you have felt if you have been in the middle of a discussion and a friend has answered a text? Perhaps you felt less important. Unless you want your companions to feel this way, avoid your phone when out with them.

Noisy keyboards

When you navigate through your phone or type does it make little clicking sounds or beeps? You might not recognize this, but it is probably aggravating the people surrounding you. When you are standing in line at the supermarket and texting your friend, the people around you don’t want to listen to the clicks of your fingers moving across the keys. It is simple to turn this off for the comfort of those who are around you.


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