Does your business avoid using the cloud because you think it’s a temporary fad, too costly, or that it’s not secure? These are common misunderstandings about cloud computing. We explore these further below.

Myth: Cloud Computing Is a Fad

Many people believe that cloud computing is just the latest fad and that its popularity will ultimately plummet. However, there is plenty of evidence to the contrary. For instance, probably the most popular tech services available to consumers today are instances of cloud computing. Gmail, iTunes, Amazon, and eBay are some examples. Then there are online banking sites and discount travel sites. All of these offerings are powered by the cloud, and consumers are flocking to all of them.

Myth: The Cloud Is Risky

Another common feeling about the cloud is that it is risky, that information is more exposed to hackers when saved in the cloud. There has been some occasions where high-profile companies have lost data, one example being the recent hit on Amazon Web Services. These occurrences tend to stick with us, but you don’t have to store all of your most vital data on the public cloud, you can store it on a private cloud, like the one offered by a Managed Services Provider. Furthermore, if your information is stored on your hard drive and in a private cloud and your hard drive suddenly burns out, you can still access to your information. Think of it as a safety net.

Myth: Cloud Computing Is Costly

It’s true that businesses will need to pay more upfront costs when keeping their data in the cloud, but in the long term, cloud computing will in fact save businesses money. The greatest savings come in labor costs. Businesses that store their data in the cloud reduce their IT costs.

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