Google Reader, the favored news reader of millions, shut down earlier this summer. But Reader fans should rejoice: There’s a replacement for Google Reader available now. And, according to writer Jill Duffy, it’s an excellent one.

Digg Reader

Digg is a community news voting site with a small development team. But, as Jill Duffy writes in her review on, this hasn’t prevented Digg Reader from being an easy-to-use and intuitive service for all those still missing Google Reader.


In her review, Duffy writes that it’s very easy to navigate Digg Reader and find your news feeds. It’s also very easy to find Digg Reader’s settings and features, both of which make using the RSS reader simple.

Keeping abreast

Entrepreneurs and business owners can rely on Digg Reader – or any RSS reader that they prefer – to easily track the news that most impacts their businesses. That is why, business owners should consider registering with either Digg Reader or another RSS reader today.

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