You consider yourself a thoughtful Facebook user, one that invariably replies promptly to messages. But what if you’ve missed tons of messages from co-workers, coaches, managers or friends in the past? Due to Facebook’s “Other” messages folder, you could have.

Uncovering the “Other”

If you don’t know what Facebook’s “Other” folder is, don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. David Pogue, technology columnist for the New York Times, recently pointed out how important this folder is. If you are like most Facebook users, your “Other” folder will be stuffed with messages from friends, co-workers, colleagues and close relatives that you’ve never read. And many of these may be years old.

Missed messages

Sadly, many Facebook users don’t know there is an “Other” folder of messages, Pogue writes. As a result, many users go years without responding to the party invitations, congratulation messages or other missives deposited inside it.

Opening the “Other”

You can locate your “Other” folder by clicking your “Messages” tab on the left side of your Facebook page. Look closely and you’ll find the grey word “Other.” Open it up, and you might be shocked at how many important messages you’ve missed.