Tired of your employees reading email during your meetings? Irritated that your staff waste time logging onto twitter while you’re talking about company strategies? You’re not alone. Laptops, smartphones and tablets are fantastic tools. However, this technology can play havoc in your company meetings.

The Solution

Jake Knapp, though, has a remedy for you. He’s a design partner with Google Ventures. And in a newly released column for the Medium Web site, Knapp suggests bosses prohibit employees from dragging technology into meetings. Bosses that do this will likely substantially improve the actual work that will get done within these meetings.

No gadgets

Knapp proposes that employees say goodbye to their laptops, smartphones and tablets before entering a meeting. This makes sure that they concentrate on what you’re announcing and not a raunchy joke forwarded to them by their best buddy.

An end time

And to provide hope to your suddenly tech-deprived employees? Set up a timer so that everybody in the meeting can see it. When that timer goes off, the meeting is over – no matter what.

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