The cloud has been advantageous for many businesses. Because of the massive amounts of information that can be stored in the cloud and the prevalence of tablets in our lives, creative businesses have greatly benefitted. The cloud gives people in creative industries an edge they didn’t previously have. It may not be obvious how creative businesses have improved due to the cloud, so here are just a few ways they have changed.

The size of someone’s portfolio used to be restricted to what they could physically carry.   Due to this size limitation, there were limitations to the content as well. Now, thanks to the cloud, they can create separate files tailored to each client’s needs, which they can quickly access from a tablet. This mobility can lead to more business more quickly.

Creative Collaboration
Collaborating used to be limited to people near you. This meant that very skilled people across the globe did not have much opportunity to collaborate on a project. If they were a part of the collaboration process, it meant sending large files back and forth, which produced duplicate copies and a slower working pace. When files are store in the cloud, you can work on them simultaneously and update only one copy. Tablets allow you to pull the project up anywhere and work on it, so creative inspiration is not stifled.

Similarly, the cloud has improved the way groups brainstorm together. By creating mind maps in the cloud, anyone can develop a concept together. By accessing the mind map on a tablet or other mobile device, you can get opinions from colleagues and update the shared file with ease. Breaking down the distance barrier allows skilled individuals who previously could not contribute to do so.

With the expansiveness of the cloud and the mobility of the tablet, there are almost no limitations to where creativity can happen.

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