Computers are prized possessions, regardless of what they are being used for. They provide a practical value regarding the processes they allow us to automate, but there is also a financial value which should be considered. The high price level carried by computers means they are tempting targets for any thief. Here are a few quick tips to consider when beefing up your computer’s security.

Physical Security

Don’t mistake the cables plugged into your desktop as any kind of safeguard. Even if they are complicated and challenging to access, a thief is more than happy to leave with the bare bones of your machine. To avoid being left with only a tangle of wires, try using a strong security cable, preferably one that includes a key. These cables generally cost around $40 and are easy to install and use. They anchor your computer in a way that makes it extremely difficult to steal.

Data Security

A computer’s value is not only dependent on the physical items that make it up. Sensitive information can often be found by searching a computer’s hard drive. While copying and encrypting all of your information can be a good way to save and safeguard valuable data on any computer, it’s important to consider forego ing the storage of private and financial information anywhere on your machine. Information such as your checking account number, credit card information or social security number shouldn’t be stored permanently on a computer.

Keeping Track

There have been a lot of great computer tracking apps developed in recent years. While these apps need the hard drive to remain intact in order to work, if you act quickly, they highly increase your chances of recovery. There have been numerous cases in which a stolen laptop has been discovered using one of these services. While your laptop’s return may not be promised, it’s still a great safety measure to take.

While all of these tips are useful in keeping your computer safe, there is no replacement for common sense and reasonable vigilance. Make sure to take good care of your computer; chances are it takes good care of you.

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