Windows 7 is a big improvement over previous Windows operating systems. Learning to use this version well can enhance your productivity considerably.

By mastering a few simple tricks, you can get the most out of Windows 7.

  • If you want to move images to outside disks, you can now achieve this simply with Windows 7. The operating system allows you to burn ISO images onto CDs or DVDs. To do this, you just have to double-click on the ISO image, tell Windows 7 the drive that holds your blank disc, and click on the “burn” option. Windows 7 will do the rest.
  • Finding and fixing problems is quite simple with Windows 7. If you feel as if your OS is behaving oddly select the “troubleshooting” option from the “Control Panel”. This gives you access to several wizards that can help you get rid of clutter and clean up your system.
  • Installing too much cumbersome software will slow your system down. You can prevent this by utilizing the AppLocker feature. This lets you pre-approve specified programs for installation. Which prevents any non-preapproved software from being downloaded.
  • One great feature for individuals that work remotely is its power efficiency service. It’s simple to get specifics about the quantity of power your laptop is using, which is often important if you’re working on a project and are away from a power source.