Using LastPass is a great way to securely store all your passwords in one spot. Since you have decided to rely on this application it is critical that you also create a strong and private master password for LastPass. A very highly recommended strategy is to use a passphrase or a sentence.


            A passphrase is a sentence that is created by grouping a few different words together to make a difficult to guess password. The difference between this and a password is that a passphrase uses longer whole words or variations of whole words to create a unique passphrase. The best passphrases also include a good mix of symbols, numbers, capitalization, and punctuation. A good example is: camarowinterbluedaisy.

Strong Sentence Password

            When you create a full sentence for your passwords it can be a hacker’s nightmare. It could be anything in the world to them, but to you it’s reassurance that you are safe. Using a simple sentence password is also very reliable because something as small as “I like pizza” is much harder to hack than a password like “H6*t#9.” The amount of effort and research a hacker would have to go through to find out that this is your password would take them years to figure out.

More Tips on how to stay secure

  • Use random words that don’t go together
  • Use uncommon words
  • Use non space separators like a hyphen “- “

Even though these combinations will be hard to remember at first, the longer you keep the passwords and the more you must type it, the easier it will be remembering it.

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Kori Bennett