Looking for that perfect tablet? You have an abundance of options today, from the classic iPad to the upstart Galaxy tablets. But which device is really the best to buy? Which gives you top effectiveness at a reasonable price? And, this being tablets we’re talking about, which best fits in your purse or book bag? One Web site has a interesting answer: the iPad Mini.

The Benefits of the Mini

The editors at WireCutter selected the Mini for one simple reason: It weighs significantly less than its larger cousin, the traditional iPad. But though it weighs less, the iPad Mini is just as powerful as its larger cousin. This, the editors contend, is all important in terms of judging a tablet. The main benefit of a tablet, naturally, is that it is smaller than a notebook. Consumers can more easily tote it with them on the train, to the gym or to the local diner. A tablet that is easy to carry, then, should really rank near the top of the tablet world. If that very same tablet is equally as powerful as much larger versions? Then that tablet wins recognition as the best on the market, based upon WireCutter.


The editors at WireCutter ran the iPad Mini through a group of tests to figure out just how well it works. What did they learn? That it performs equally as well as any tablet already out there. For instance, even though the Mini has a smaller screen, watching movies with the device is just as impressive as enjoying them on the larger iPad. This holds true for reading books, scanning the Internet and playing games. The bottomline is, the iPad Mini’s smaller size is under no circumstances a hindrance to experiencing the tablet.

The right recommendation?

The WireCutter recommendation, though, mustn’t be taken as being the last word on the subject. The advice reflects the viewpoint of that Web site’s staff. Your thoughts and opinions might vary. Fortunately, you’ve got plenty of tablets to select from. And after you do your own research, you might find you prefer the Kindle Fire, the Nook Tablet or perhaps the traditional iPad to the Mini. The WireCutter review, however, is a compelling bit of evidence the Mini is no mere novelty act. It’s a legitimate contender in the increasingly jampacked tablet world.