Putting your best foot forward in life makes a difference, especially in the workplace. Hooking a career is much more difficult now then ever, so it is more important than ever to dress for success.

That’s right. What you wear to work and to job interviews still matters. Yes, more people are telecommuting. More people are arriving to work in jeans and t-shirts. However, that does not mean you should dress casually for an interview.

This simple rule can help where job interviews are concerned: Far better to be overdressed then under-dressed. Even when the company you happen to be interviewing for says, “No need to dress up, we’re very casual here,” it is best to still wear proper business attire to your interview. Your clothing is capable of showing how serious you are about your work, and employers want somebody that really wants to grow with a company and takes their position seriously. Should you dress for an interview in t-shirt and jeans, you have made a poor first impression, even if you blow the competition out of the water with your qualifications.

Then there’s the workplace itself. If you happen to work in a casual environment, one in which formal business attire is not needed, it is possible to still dress for success. This will likely seem obvious, but always wear clean clothes. Resist the impulse to throw on last night’s jeans. Try to always take into consideration the clothes you’re wearing, something that looks good, or is business casual clothes. Looking sharp sets you apart as a professional.

Of course, you still have to be a good worker. You can be the best-dressed person on the planet, but it won’t help you if you don’t do your job well. All things being equal, the better-dressed employee will certainly make the better impression.