It’s happened to everybody. You’re on vacation or far from home when your phone, laptop or tablet begins to run out of juice. Thank goodness, you are able to stop this from happening by plugging your devices into external battery packs, a single gizmo that can charge any device you plug into it. The Lifehacker Web site just ranked several of the best external battery packs. Listed below are the site’s findings.

Anker Astro

The Anker Astro tops Lifehacker’s list due to the immense power it holds, with each of the 3E, E4 and Pro versions each packing some serious oomph. Lifehacker readers pointed to these models’ portability, small size and reasonable price points.

New Trent

The iCarrier and iGeek battery packs from manufacturer New Trent also score points for portability as well as the powerful charges they supply. These units, too, are priced reasonably. One special feature? The indicator light that quickly lets you know just how much charge your New Trent unit still holds. This way, you’ll never be surprised as you travel.

Energizer XP

Energizer is a huge name in batteries, so it is little surprise that its XP series of external battery packs ranks so high among Lifehacker readers. One of the greatest selling points? These units include a wide variety of tips and cables that allow you to charge almost any phone available, even older models.