New technologies come out every year, and you never know which ones are likely to change our lives. Inc. has compiled a list this year of the most innovative technologies that we should keep an eye on. We have laid out three of the most promising below.


As we swap most of our devices with smartphones, just about the most annoying things about the iPhone is the musical sound quality. The V-MODA VAMP wishes to improve this by acting as an amplifier for the iPhone 4 or 4S. It will also increase the battery life of the iPhone as it is a back-up battery as well.

Alice Receptionist

This is ideal for businesses who would like to save some money on a receptionist. Alice is a virtual receptionist that greets people when they enter the office. Visitors may then interact with its touchscreen to contact employees. The best part of Alice is that there is very low learning curve; it’s supposed to by quite simple to use.

Microsoft SmartGlass

Through the use of SmartGlass, which is created by Microsoft, you can turn your tablet or smartphone into a controller for your HDTV. It permits you to simply use gestures on your device to control music, games, and videos on your TV. This technology is not out quite yet but the people at Inc. think it will be a game changer.

Again, there are no guarantees that any of these technologies really will hit it big. But there’s enough buzz and consumer interest to suggest that all three of them might capture the imagination, and spending dollars, of shoppers.

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