Gmail is one of the most favored email clients out there. It’s simple to use and powerful. If you are among the numerous people who use Gmail, prehaps you are not using it as efficiently as you could. You most likely don’t realize this but Gmail has a myriad of shortcuts to save you time. Better yet, there is a single trick that allows you to pull up all of the shortcuts at once.

The Power of ?

Here’s how it works: Simply by pressing the question-mark key on your keyboard when you are not in a text-input area, you’ll bring up a cheat sheet on top of your inbox of each and every single shortcut that Gmail features. Yes it’s true, you’ll have instant access to every single Gmail shortcut thanks to the question mark. You can also access this cheat sheet by pushing your “Shift” key and the “+” sign on your keyboard. But why do that when pressing ? is so much cooler?

The Shortcuts

There are a multitude of shortcuts at your disposal in Gmail, but just to get a taste we have described a few below.

  • By pressing the “c” key, you automatically begin composing a new message in Gmail. If you press “Shift” and then “c,” you’ll be able to compose that new message in a new window.
  • The “n” key moves your cursor to the next message in your inbox, while pressing the “p” key moves you to the previous message.
  • If you want to mark certain messages as being of high importance, hit the “s” key. This will star particular messages. If you hit the “-” key, you’ll label a message as being unimportant.

Those hardly scrap the surface of the time saving shortcuts available in Gmail. These shortcuts may take some time to get used to but once you use them consistently they will become second nature and you will save a lot of time. There is no reason not to take advantage of the shortcuts accessible to you in Gmail. You may even save enough time that you can take a longer lunch and enjoy the sunshine.


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