Many people use Gmail nowadays, and that is not surprising. It’s simple to use, free, and Google knows how to make a good product. If you use Gmail you might not be using it to its full potential. It has some incredible tools built into it that make it simple for you to organize your email. Below is a description of some of those tools and links to pages that show you how to utilize them.

Label your messages: Applying labels to your messages visually organizes your inbox so you know what emails you need to address first. For instance, if there are a few emails that you need to deal with before the others you can mark them with a red “Important” label. Or, if you are organizing a vacation, you can apply a green “Vacation” label to any verification emails that come in.

Free up space with archiving: Is the number of emails in your inbox fast approaching the 5,000 mark? Then it might be time to archive your messages. This effective feature from Google allows you to place messages that you don’t need right now but don’t want to delete to the “All Mail” folder. Unlike messages that you place in “Trash,” emails archived in “All Mail” don’t vanish forever after 30 days.

Add a signature: Tired of typing your name, phone number, and email address at the end of each of your Gmail messages? Why not create an email signature? Gmail allows you to save signatures that you can then simply drop into the base of your messages. This is a wonderful time saver for anyone who writes dozens of email messages during an average day.

Filter your incoming messages: Gmail also lets you create filters that can automatically label, archive, delete, or forward specific incoming messages. By choosing the “Filter messages like this” option from Gmail’s “More” drop-down menu, you are able to tell Gmail to automatically apply the “Job Search” label to any messages which include the words resume, apply, career or job. You can tell Gmail to automatically send all messages with the words “hotel,” “car rental,” or “reservation” to your Gmail “Vacation” folder.

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