Can you imagine daily life without your tablet? How about without your laptop or smartphone? How about a day lacking an online game of Words with Friends? Technology has dramatically changed our everyday life. We now get our news online, connect with friends through social media sites, and depend on GPS-equipped smart phones to locate that new Asian restaurant and get back to our homes. But does there come a time to shut down all of this tech? A newly released story by the New York Times suggests that switching off the phones, tablets and laptops — at least once in a while — could make us more productive.

Techies agree

The answer, according to the Times: Yes. And the idea of a tech break has some unlikely proponents: high-use tech fans. By way of example, the Times profiles a former Twitter employee who, while writing a book, found that he struggled to concentrate amid the constant ringing and beeping of his iPhone. So the author took the big step of ditching his tech. The result? His productivity, and creativity, significantly improved.

Growing support

This techie is far from alone. The author of the Times column shines a spotlight on himself. Today, when he and his buddies get together for dinner, they immediately toss their smartphones in the center of the table. The first one who reaches for a phone has to pay the price: That person covers the tab for dinner.

Your turn?

So, what about you? Is it time for you to set aside your electronic devices? Possibly. Are you constantly distracted by the sound of incoming text messages? Can you hold a conversation without wanting to get to the next level in Angry Birds? Do you talk with your friends solely through Tweets? If so, it might be time for you to put away the tech temporarly. You could be amazed at how interesting the world can be without them.

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